1. Rather than the usual guest seating cards, do as Katherine Brad did and tie ribbons about cute, affordable toys (which can double as
favors)DIY Inspiration from??(photo by?)two. Right here s a fantastic table quantity concept: in the event you re flexible like Joanna
Jan, why not pose as your table numbers and possess a buddy take your image? Frame them and voila! Personalized guest table numbers. DIY
Inspiration from (photo by )three. Can t discover wedding shoes that totally expresses your amazing self? Be inspired by Kelly who
purchased plain old lady shoes from Sears which she glittered, painted and transformed in to the sparkly blue pumps she wanted. DIY
Concept from (photo by )Mica, meanwhile purchased easy ballet flats within the color she wanted and embellished it with matching felt
flowers she produced herself. DIY Inspiration from (pictures by )Kerry stuck the words I Do below her stilettos to get a good
under-the-shoe surprise summer cocktail dresses . DIY Inspiration from??(photo by?)four. Rather than getting a wedding cake, do as Lissa and Brian did and make
plenty of homemade pies and serve them for your guests. Cut a heart shape in to the crust for added flair. DIY Wedding Inspiration
from??(photo by?)five. In the event you re getting cake, orange cocktail dress right here s a cute concept: short bridal gowns get 1 inside a solid color and leading it with
toys of one's option. Fill piping bags with colored icing inside your wedding s color scheme and have your guests decorate it. Take a
look at Mica and Marc s super cool cake beneath. DIY Inspiration from??(photo by?)six.

An additional easy but inventive guest seating card concept: amsale bridesmaid dresses get a framed photo or painting of a tree after which stick your guest s
names on it. DIY Wedding Inspiration from (pictures by )7. Permit your groom to express himself via his style! Tori Adam crafted bouts
out of superhero action figures and Christmas trim for their December 26 wedding. DIY Inspiration from (photo by)Katherine Brad also
embellished their boutonnieres with small Lego individuals that they adore. DIY Inspiration from (photo by )8. As talked about right
here prior to, bouquets don t need to be produced of flowers so it could really reflect who you're. Tori produced a bouquet utilizing
Christmas ornaments for her December 26 wedding. DIY Inspiration from??(photo by)Katherine compiled adore notes and passages from books
she loved. Her mom reproduced these pages and fashioned them into a really unique paper bouquet for her.
Why hello February! Guess what, this weblog turns two years old this month! I hope you re enjoying the (nearly) every day dose of funky
wedding suggestions simply because there s a great deal much more coming your way. For now, I believed it could be good to appear back
and take inspiration from our January weddings okay I integrated some from December that had been as well cool not to mention on how
you can incorporate who you're into your wedding. In case you had been as well busy taking a look at the beautiful pictures and missed
a few of the brilliant suggestions shared by our featured couples, don t be concerned simply because I ve isolated them within this
devoted post for the simple reference.

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